Each player playing on the Internet, or coming to a real bookmaker, should first of all carefully study the rules of this office. I advise you to pay attention to such aspects:

  1. If you want to get a good bonus, look at the conditions of his wagering. Most often, you need to bet at least a certain pot from 1.6 to 2.2.
  2. There are also certain restrictions on the withdrawal of funds, including after the bonus. Sometimes it may take some time after which cash is permitted to be withdrawn. Bookmakers do this in order to avoid the influence of “forklifts.” Also, bookmakers do not want to stay as an “exchanger” from one system to another. Also check out the commission on the withdrawal.
  3. Check out the rules of the game in overtime. This moment matters for basketball and hockey. Some offices provide coefficients exclusively for regular time, while others include overtime. This point is very important when comparing the offers of various offices.
  4. If the match is not completed, for any reason, then from what moment its outcome will be considered. In the rules of some offices, the match is such that it took place, even if the match itself was interrupted. For example, if you played 70 minutes in football and interrupted the match, you will be paid out according to the minutes played and you do not need to expect a return. An identical situation can occur in tennis when one of the players is injured.
  5. Will there be a struggle with successful players – such as closing an account for no particular reason, refusing to accept a bet, limiting its maximum, etc.
  6. How will disputes be resolved? Most often, the issues are resolved by the office itself.
      If you play online, I advise you to regularly review the rules. Agree, it’s easy to periodically review the rules. Yes, and in real points of receiving bets often require a rule to read. Then you will have on hand a real document that you can operate on when resolving contentious issues.
      And in conclusion, I note that the more carefully you study the list of rules, the more chances you have of success! Good luck